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How does Minke generate interest?
How does Minke generate interest?

Learn how you can generate interest on your savings

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Minke gives you direct access to DeFi protocols like Aave and mStable.

Aave is a smart contract that facilitates peer-to-peer lending in a pool. As a saver you can deposit stablecoins and earn interest from borrowers who borrow them. Borrowers borrow stablecoins by first putting up collateral like ETH which is typically worth 1.5x more than the amount they borrow. They are then able to borrow stablecoins to access dollars without selling their ETH, or to buy ETH to get more leverage on their investment.

mStable is a collection of smart contracts that lets you save and earn yield on stablecoins. mStable deposits stablecoins into lending protocols like Aave and Compound. Stablecoin deposits also earn fees when stablecoins are traded between each other. For example when a user swaps from USDT to DAI, fees are earned by mStable savers.

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