If you're having issues with withdrawing funds to a centralized exchange please follow the steps in this document.

Step 1: Wait at least an hour

Some centralized exchanges require a certain amount of block confirmations to show your deposit into them. At times the required blocks could take an hour or more to be processed within the exchange.

If your transaction was successful from Minke but is not showing in your exchange then please be patient.

Step 2: Check that you sent on the correct network

By default Minke supports the Polygon network. We also support Ethereum and will soon support BSC (Binance Smart Chain) and Tron (TRC-20). Check what network you are on in Minke and ensure that matches your exchange.

If you sent on the wrong network you will need to contact your exchange to recover your funds.

Step 3: Contact your exchange

If your funds show in your transactions page, you sent on the correct network and still don't show in your exchange after waiting at least 1 hour you should contact your exchange.

Note: These steps assume your transaction was successful in Minke. If it failed make sure you have enough balance for gas fees (if sending MATIC or on the Ethereum network).

If you still have problems reach out to our team with your wallet address and screenshots detailing your problem.

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